Couch Riding

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  Things have been crazy around here, with school back, Banditos closing, a new job for me, and knee surgery.

On Wednesday I had an ACL replacement and repaired a tear in my miniscus.  I’ve been on the couch since. But before you go feeling sorry for me, remember a few things: 1. I’m on pain meds, and happy as can be. 2. I was expecting this, and eventually it’ll mean that I’ll have a knee I can trust again.  3. Al has been waiting on me hand and foot, and couldn’t be happier about it.  Seriously, it’s given me a lot of opportunities to realize how much I love him, mostly because he’s demonstrating how much he loves me.

Yesterday, he gave me a bath–and I don’t mean he started the water and put a towel out.  He helped me take off my brace, undressed me, unwrapped my bandages, wrapped my knee in saran wrap, started the water, helped me into the tub, held my leg up while I leaned my head under the faucet, lathered shampoo in my hair (give me a break, I couldn’t sit up so I had to lean on my elbow the whole time), held my leg while I rinsed, held the towel out while I stood up, got my robe, helped me back to bed, got an ice pack for my knee, took a nap with me, and then redressed, rewrapped, and rebraced me.  Then he made me toast.


He’s also been bringing me breakfast in bed, fetching my pain meds and water and cookies and tea and ice packs and phone, helping me get dressed to go outside, driving me to physical therapy, and watching endless movies snuggled up to my good side.  I’m probably snoring at night, just to top it off.

But i just wanted to tell you all that I’m alive, mostly well, and incredibly happy with my lot in life.  How did I get so lucky?

I promise to post more often, which should be easier now that I have internet and a lot of time on my hands.


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