Rosemary Mustard Pork Chops


Last week I made the best Pork Chops maybe ever (or since the last chops I made).

I know it’s been a while (forever) since I posted, but that’s not going to stop me from giving you this recipe.  As for my excuse, I’ll just say that we’ve been fully engulfed in the worlds: the world of sports and prom and high school and all things sixteen, the world of work and community involvement, the world of wedding planning (the last being possibly the strangest–it has somehow transformed me into someone who cares greatly about somehow everything, while trying very hard to not care).

Anyway, back to those pork chops.

A bit of left over and borderline-ugly rosemary; a heavy splash of my new favorite spice, mustard seed; a little garlic and olive oil magic; half an onion leftover from another meal, and some crinkly mushrooms.


You can’t even see the pork chops under all that good stuff!

I mixed the herbs, oil, & spices together and pressed them into both sides of the pork chops, then laid them in a glass baking dish.  Then I squeezed the chopped veggies all around & on top, and drizzled some brown mustard over the top for pizzazz.

The great thing about pork chops is that they’re so easy: I just put them in the oven at 350 degrees for thirty minutes or so.  (not too worried about the details here: when the veggies look cooked and there’s juice at the bottom, put them out and cut into the middle to check the color…you want them pretty much white, but still with some juice).

I sauteed some asparagus that was begging to be eaten (there’s a theme here: I tend to wait to cook veggies until they’re just about ready to be thrown out).

Add some mashed potatoes (made with plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream–so yumm) and a little mug of wine, and A and I were about as happy as pigs in a brick house.

Gabe was at a buddy’s house watching the NFL draft (I have no idea why someone would do that).  He missed his chop, (probably a good thing since it had those dreaded shrooms) which just meant that A and I both got leftovers for lunch the next day.



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