Garden Bounty


Headed to the garden on a whim before dinner, and I’m so glad I did.  Al is fighting fire on Cedar Mountain, so just Gabe and I…which in conversational context I think of as just me.

Miraculously, our zinnias are blooming. I’ve had this thought in my head that the garden is a barren wasteland, but its not, quite.


I picked them, of course, to encourage more blooming. Mot much else of note in our plot besides some rather tough snap peas, but our neighbor moved away, and she had the hugest, softest, sweetest beets.


I roasted some with carrots and a bell pepper from the store.

Then I cooked up a fun sauce with butter, red wine and leeks for the noodles.


Plus some pan seared steak bits, and roasted corn on the Cobb (I just stick the whole thing, shuck and all in the oven…do real.people do that?).


Plus I’m loving my simple yellow thrift store tablecloth.

Gabe says he’ll cook breakfast in the morning, instead of doing the dishes (which I.secretly wanted to do anyway). Yes!!


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